RCA Final Report

April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017

The RCA's first mandate developed recommendations and created the guidelines and tools that LHINs and health service providers (HSPs) would require to implement them.

In its second mandate (2015-2017), the RCA focused on implementation. Work took place through the following initiatives:

  • Definitions: Implementing provincial standards for rehabilitative care programs
  • Capacity Planning: Introducing standardized planning for future need
  • Outpatient/Ambulatory: Tracking performance outcomes for outpatient rehab services
  • System Evaluation: Improving quality through standardized evaluation
  • Assess & Restore/Frail Senior/Medically Complex: Supporting Assess & Restore initiatives
  • QBPs - Hip Fracture and Total Joint Replacement: Establishing rehabilitative care best practices

Transforming Rehabilitative Care in Ontario, 2015-2017 Report summarizes the work and accomplishments of the RCA's second mandate, provides links to the tools and resources that were developed and includes recommendations to guide the next mandate.