Current Initiatives

Rehabilitative Care Alliance initiatives are approved by the LHIN CEOs at the beginning of each mandate. 

Our current initiatives include:

Bundled Care: Supporting expansion of bundled care through support for outpatient rehab data reporting and developing best practices recommendations for rehabilitative care.

Capacity Planning: Supporting implementation of the RCA's Capacity Planning Framework and methodology to create a standardized approach to planning and organizing rehabilitative care at the provincial and regional level. 

Community Rehab: Exploring successful approaches being used in in home, ambulatory, and primary care settings and identifying opportunities to spread innovative, cost-effective models of rehabilitative care. 

Definitions: Supporting implementation of standardized levels of care for rehabilitative care programs through the RCA's Definitions Frameworks. 

Frail Seniors: Piloting draft pathways for primary care and emergency departments to connect frail older adults who fall with rehabilitative care; developing a best practices framework for standardized geriatric rehabilitative care across the continuum; and supporting quality improvement initiatives to improve care for frail seniors with hip fractures. 

System Evaluation: Enhancing the RCA's annual rehabilitative care system performance report and supporting Ontario Health Teams and regional and provincial partners in quality improvement initiatives.