About the Rehabilitative Care Alliance

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) works with partners across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care in Ontario through better planning, ongoing evaluation and quality improvement, and the integration of best practices across the care continuum.

RCA initiatives promote rehabilitation as an essential component of connected care. Initiatives include:

  • Supporting implementation of bundled care
  • Implementing provincial standards for rehabilitative care programs
  • Preventing functional decline and secondary falls among frail older adults
  • Supporting standardized rehabilitative care best practices for patients following hip fracture, hip and knee replacement and shoulder arthroplasty
  • Highlighting the role of community-based rehab as a cost-effective, innovative model of rehabilitative care
  • Supporting standardized rehabilitative care planning for future need
  • Improving quality through standardized evaluation of rehabilitative care services. 

A detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives is found here

The RCA provides guidance, tools and support to regional bodies, OHTs and health service providers to help them implement change. Our work is guided by available evidence and data and by the active participation of stakeholders across the province, including patient and family representatives. 

Our history

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance was established by the LHINs in 2013, which continue to fund the RCA.

Details of our past work can be found in our bi-annual reports for 2013-15, 2015-17 and 2017-19.

The RCA benefits from the support and expertise of the GTA Rehab Network, which has provided secretariat infrastructure and support to the RCA since its inception. While the RCA and GTA Rehab Network are separate entities, some secretariat staff are cross-appointed to both.

RCA Vision

Patient and system outcomes are optimized through
the integration of rehabilitative care at all levels of
health services policy, planning and delivery.