WEBINAR Mar 10 Evaluating virtual rehab

Date: February 23, 2022 Author: rehabcare Categories: 2022 | What's New

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) has developed guidance on how to evaluate virtual rehab programs at the implementation, service and patient/caregiver levels. 

An informational webinar held on March 10th provided an overview of the RCA Considerations for the Evaluation of Virtual Rehabilitation and an illustration of using the RCA virtual rehab guidance framework to evaluate a regional rehab outreach program.

In this webinar viewers will learn about: 

  • Evaluation considerations and outcome indicators for virtual rehab
  • The hands-on experience of using the RCA guidance framework to evaluate a regional rehab outreach program
  Denise Taylor, PT, MPH
North West Regional Rehabilitative Care Program
St. Joseph's Care Group, Thunder Bay

This webinar was recorded. A copy of the presentation, handouts and webinar recording is available on our website