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Strengthen. Standardize. Support.

Funded by Ontario's 14 LHINs, the Rehabilitative Care Alliance works with partners across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care through better planning, performance management and evaluation and by integrating best practices across the care continuum.

What’s New

Healthcare Quarterly article highlights value of rehabilitative care and RCA

Sept 14, 2016 Rehabilitative care and the work of the Rehabilitative Care... Read more

LHINs begin implementing provincial standards

Jun 2, 2016 LHINs have taken the first step towards implementing the new... Read more

Pilot to gather outpatient ambulatory data underway

Jun 2, 2016 The RCA has launched its provincial pilot of a data reporting... Read more

RCA leads initiative to support LHIN capacity planning

Jun 2, 2016 The RCA is leading an initiative to support the 14 LHINs as they... Read more

Measuring the ROI of Assess & Restore projects

Jun 2, 2016 The RCA is working with the LHINs to demonstrate the value for... Read more

RCA establishing indicators/benchmarks for system evaluation

Jun 2, 2016 Standardized performance evaluation across LHINs is soon to be a... Read more

Developing rehab pathways to support QBP Handbooks

Jun 2, 2016 Following an extensive review process, RCA working groups have... Read more
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